Design / Build

Design - Build for Home Additions Saves Time and MoneyAt R A Jones, Inc., Building & Remodeling, Design/Build is an effective method to shape an addition to your home.

Our Design/Build program is the coordination of your project from ideas to the final paint touch up.  It begins with a meeting at your home with Robert Jones.  A discussion of your ideas and a look at the area of your home to be affected will allow for general ballpark numbers to be discussed.  Keep in mind that the cost of every project is influenced by your selections of materials.

With the feasibility of your project determined, a Design Contract is executed.  This simple agreement confirms that you want R A Jones, Inc. to pursue drawings and a firm price.  You will be guided to our suppliers for your selections of floor coverings, cabinets, tops and fixtures.  With this specific information determined, a definite price will be presented to you.  Once you approve the design and the price, a contract will be written outlining all the details, specifications and your material selections.

Seamlessly, your project is handed over to our Production Department where planning is begun.  Materials availability dates are noted, subcontractors are lined up and tasks are planned.   When your permit and materials are available, R A Jones, Inc. will be ready to begin transforming your home into what you want it to be!